"Phoenix" annouced at Cannes 2019


"On the Wings of the Phoenix" follows the life and career of Chinese diplomat Dr Feng-Shan Ho; who at the start of the Second World War, single-handedly, saved thousands of Austrian Jews from the coming Holocaust. The film was just announced at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

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"Showman" project readies for debut


Rob Travalino of Aventine Hill Films and Damon Smith have begun sharing the pre-release manuscript for "The Showman", which chronicles Damon's amazing journey from Sugar Hill in Harlem, to his time as friend and confidant of Muhammad Ali. Damon's story culminates with his 2 year struggle to lift 125th Steet out of the grip of crime and recession in 1981. Coming soon!

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The Brasco Files


"The Brasco Files" is an all-new set of action-packed adventures inspired by FBI Special Agent Joseph D. Pistone who is better known as the real person behind the gripping "Donnie Brasco" story. In 1980's Brooklyn, Pistone risked life and limb every day and spent nearly six years undercover in the Bonnano crime family. His one-man operation resulted in dozens of arrests and convictions...

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Our true currency (hint: it's not money)


Street artist and art prank-master Banksy was surely onto something when he snuck this curious object into the British Museum and hung it on the wall. He was certainly onto the fact that we haven't changed all that much since our cave-dwelling days, well except that the method of our hunting and gathering sure seems to have changed and not necessarily for the better. To me, Banksy’s work also says something else about the parallel between the cave paintings of our past and the culture we inhabit today; something a little more problematic for me. It has to do with the nature and use of our caves...

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Project spotlight


Aventine is extremely excited to catch you up on the progress of "Born That Way", a wonderful project from talented writer-producer Michal Sinnott. "Born" explores identity and gender equality through an amazing blend of live action, magical animation and raw documentary style. Aventine's Rob Travalino helped early on during the writing and development stage of this poignant story which has attracted amazing talent from director Bridget Stokes to producer Kristen Murtha and more! Please take a moment to check out the wonderful new teaser shot partly in Tanzania and read more...