The Baker of Brooklyn


Mario Fortunato came to America with his three brothers to build a dream - a dream that would become one of NY’s most famous and beloved gathering places, Brooklyn's own Fortunato Brothers Bakery. But Mario Fortunato would also become famous for something not so sweet. On a chilly November night in 1993, Mario’s American dream would collide headfirst with a real-life underworld nightmare and Mario would be swept up into two of the most bizarre gangland murder trials in American history. Only one small problem, Mario Fortunato was innocent. Sometimes, cooking up the American Dream turns into a recipe for murder.

Emmy Award winning writer, producer and novelist David Black recently joined the team as story editor. He said this about the project; "The Baker of Brooklyn struck me as a completely realized world about the heroism of everyday life. Not a gangster story in the traditional sense, but a tale about an ordinary man, who must maneuver through a world in which gangsters exist. It is a moral drama, designed to reveal the complex way reality works. No heroes and no villains. People with contradictory needs trying the best they can to make choices that do not destroy them or their loved ones." For those of you not in the know, David was writer and exec producer on hit shows like "Law and Order", "CSI Miami" and "100 Center Street". He recently completed his latest novel, "Fast Shuffle."

Written and developed for TV by Rob Travalino

Show Runner, David Black

Producers, Rob Travalino and Mario Fortunato.

Men of Iron


Near the middle of the Twentieth Century and not long after a bloody First World War, how is it possible that a brutal totalitarian regime could again rise in the very heart of Europe and then plunge the world into a second and far more deadly conflict that would kill millions more? “Men of Iron” begins with the fascinating and riveting story of German industrialist Fritz Thyssen and his chilling entanglement with a barely known Austrian paramilitary activist; the future architect of World War II; Adolph Hitler.

From this explosive genesis, the shocking miniseries uncovers a molten brew of money, greed and power and revels that the true financial might of Nazi Germany not only came from all across Europe, it ultimately came via the banks and massive corporate giants of America. A Cautionary tale, “I Paid Hitler” doesn’t ask the question, “Could this happen again?” It unequivocally states, “This is how it happens.”

Created and Written by Rob Travalino

Producers, Chris Bongirne & Rob Travalino

The Brasco Files


"The Brasco Files" is an all-new set of action-packed adventures inspired by FBI Special Agent Joseph D. Pistone who is better known as the real person behind the gripping "Donnie Brasco" story. In 1980's Brooklyn, Pistone risked life and limb every day and spent nearly six years undercover in the Bonnano crime family. His one-man operation resulted in dozens of arrests and convictions for some of the biggest names in organized crime.

"The Brasco Files" takes place several years later when Pistone, a huge Mafia contract still on his head in the US, is forced to work undercover someplace else, someplace even more dangerous, the deep, deadly and dark underworld of Italy and Europe. There, Pistone uncovers an underworld scheme do deep that it involves all the families of Italy and half the governments of the world.

Created by Rob Travalino and Chris Bongirne

Producers, Chris Bongirne, Lou Diagaimo, Joe Pistone & Rob Travalino

Of Ice and Steel


After a bloody coup at the Kremlin installs a corrupt Czar-like regime in the guise the former Soviet Union, rogue nuclear forces in the Soviet navy break ranks and the world is brought to the very brink of armageddon. While the race for control of the hair-trigger situation rages, the nuclear titans of the US and Russia make a stunning discovery; a Nazi U-boat from 1944 is moving though the sea like a deadly specter from a past war. Scarier still, both superpowers are about to discover that this 70-plus-year-old vessel carries a weapon that may be more powerful than the atomic arsenals of the world combined. The only question is; who will get to her first?

Developed for TV by Rob Travalino

Based on the novel by D. Clayton Meadows

G Force - The Nu-Harlem Story


Concurrent with the completion of the novel, Aventine is also developing the 125th Street part os Damon Smith's powerful "Showman" memoir as a TV miniseries. The story of Damon's G Force focuses on Smith’s life and journey through the tumultuous era of 1980s New York. Amidst a crushing recession and crimewave, Damon organized a 125th St. community watch in the hope of saving the local businesses of Harlem. What followed was a two-plus year battle with violent criminals and against police resistance, but Commander Damon and his G-Force persevered. They risked their lives everyday, and through their community policing, they eventually restored peace, order and hope to both themselves and to Harlem.

Developed for TV by Rob Travalino with Damon Smith

Producers, Rob Travalino and Damon Smith