The Showman


"The Showman” is a unique literary look into the life and times of Damon Christopher Smith, who's inspiring parallel life with childhood hero Muhammad Ali, led to an eventual lifelong friendship with the man they call "The Greatest of All Times." Raised among some of Harlem's greatest entertainers and influencers, Damon took the amazing lessons of his youth and combined them with the champ's one-of-a-kind mentorship. He then brought all of this eye-opening experience back to his home community of 125th Street and Harlem, where as a community activist, Damon won a hard-fought 2-year struggle to restore honor and peace to the area during the 1980’s recession and subsequent drug epidemic. The limited preview novel is available upon request.

By Damon Smith as told to Rob Travalino

The Ten Prophets


"The Ten Prophets" explores the very foundations of life, society and humanity to challenge our notions of why it all is the way it is. The ensemble tale follows the pivotal moments in the often dangerous and pressure filled lives of seemingly diverse individuals and in the end, seduces the reader into reflecting on the truth of their own existence. The interwoven adventure challenges both the characters and us to wonder how life so interconnected can be made to feel so very different?

Written by Rob Travalino

Over the Wall


From his hardscrabble NY upbringing, through the NYPD ranks and into the FBI and beyond, Kevin Hallinan has seen a lot of history. He's walked the crime and corruption filled streets of 1970s and 80s New York and seen from the inside, the often gray line between law and order. Instrumental in the formation of the city's first joint task force on terrorism, Hallinan also did a fascinating stint as Director of Security for Major League Baseball. His amazing life story spans layers of history, evolutions in law enforcement and hair-trigger international relations. Kevin's life and learning are at once informative, thrilling and entertaining, but perhaps most of all, totally inspiring.

Written by Kevin Hallinan with Rob Travalino

(learn more about Kevin here)