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A proven track record


Aventine's services include:

Full Property and story analysis.

Full Development for all distribution channels.

Character, backstory and world development.

Story and gaming bibles and mechanic..

Full writing services.

Graphic design and logos.

Strategic marketing and demographic analysis.

Promotional planning and ad strategies.

Distribution and finance contacts and strategies.

Partners and clients past and present include: Disney, DreamWorks, WB, Hasbro, Coca Cola, Sega, Hyperion, Jakks Pacific, Nerdcorps, Lucasfilm, Smokestack Films, EE Entertainment, Konami, Score, 4Kids Entertainment.

Broadcast and marketing awards include: Emmy, Gemini, Telly, Effie.

The science of story


Story is a service. We at Aventine think it’s humanity’s most ancient form of it. Without oral traditions, cave paintings and the very notion of using story to train our younger generations in survival and prosperity, we wouldn’t be here. Without common stories of how we’ve mutually survived or what we can share to do so, no society, no laws and no community. This is a big part of why we take story and what we do very seriously and while we love creating and crafting our own stories, there is no greater service or pleasure for us than helping others to tell theirs.

As a writer and consultant, I’ve successfully done just that for many companies and clients and I’m sure they would tell you that I’ve elevated and enhanced their stories in many meaningful and powerful ways. As producers and content creators, Marc's and my goal is to craft stories that truly empower people, that illuminate, inspire and leave a lasting impression. It's our goal to create worlds and issues that entice exploration and participation.

Take a quick peek around the site and you’ll see why we tag our company with the phrase, “Entertainment built on higher ground.” Bring us a story and we’ll help you tell it better.