364 Dayz


After trying to deliver an undeliverable present, a disgruntled elf, a wannabe Rudolph and a completely innocent shapeshifting snow person get locked out of the North Pole! It seems the high-security installation of gift giving locks down for the other 364 days and there's no way back in! But where can they go to blend in? New York City of course where they uncover a sinister plot to destroy Christmas and the spirit of all the holidays. Now, our three clueless heroes have less than a year to convince a team of hilariously dysfunction holiday characters to join their secret operation to stop an evil madman from taking away Christmas forever!

Take back the holidays by FARCE!\

Created and written by Rob Travalino



“Q.W.A.R.K.” follows the fun and fantastic adventures of Karl Grande and friends, kids who’ve been dragged into an intergalactic battle for energy; one that pulls them down to tiny scale far under the radar of the adult world. Once pulled into the heat and craziness of battle, Karl and his new alien make a startling discovery; it turns out that the ultimate power in the universe is Karl! The developing show has attracted animation force Ghostbot Inc, who's high-profile clients include Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Pixar, Hasbro, and Lucasfilm Animation. Created by Rob Travalino

Created by Rob Travalino. Designed by Ghostbot Inc