29 Days


The gripping WWII tale "29 Days" follows the parallel paths of Warsaw lawyer Zorach Warhaftig and Japanese diplomat and spy Chiune Sugihara. Sent by Japan to Kaunas Lithuania to spy on the Russians and Nazis, Sugihara planned to keep his head down and wait out the war but when Warhaftig arrived after a harrowing escape from war-torn Poland, the die was cast. Both men had defied orders and colleagues just to get this far. Now, this unlikely pair would team together to outwit Gestapo spies and unfriendly governments and during 29 days in 1940, risk everything to save more than 6000 Jewish refugees from the coming Holocaust.

Written by Rob Travalino

Producers: Chris Bongirne and Rob Travalino

Wings of the Phoenix


"On the Wings of the Phoenix" follows the life and career of Chinese diplomat Dr Feng-Shan Ho; who at the start of the Second World War, single-handedly, saved thousands of Austrian Jews from the coming Holocaust. Why? Only history can tell but Feng, who was raised an orphan in a China that faced warlords, foreign powers, revolution and Japanese Imperials, had always longed for a home. At the very height of tensions in pre-World War 2 Europe, facing spies, suspicion and constant danger, Feng relied on his unique life experience and deep longing for a place in life, and risked everything to give the Jews of Vienna, what he himself had lost. A place to be safe, a place to call home.

Written by Rob Travalino

Producers: Chris Bongirne, Brad Krevoy and Rob Travalino.

Dead Drop


Cryptography major Alex Carter is the master of his domain at Brown University where he aces all the tests and gets all the girls. Alex also always wins the school’s unauthorized game of “spy hunter”; a challenge of stealth, espionage and evasion. While trying to charm his latest “target” Maya, Alex stumbles across a Dead Drop; what spies use to pass secrets to their governments using items often hidden in plain sight. When deadly foreign governments zero in to collect the drop, Alex sensing his life in the balance, takes it. What follows is a college version of the Jason Bourne series whereby Alex, Maya and their circle of friends must play spy just long enough to stay alive.

Written by Rob Travalino

Mississippi. Money.


In the decades since the shocking crime, many stories have been told and investigatons launched about the Emmett Till murder. There are books and papers, documentaries and articles, all exploring the facts of the case along with the 2005 investigation by the FBI. All of these efforts share common goals; to assign guilt and perhaps find some closure but closing this story like that, especially today, should be the last thing on our minds. To that end, "Mississippi. Money." takes a unique and deeper look at 1955 Mississippi and the death of Emmett Till, to find a subtle but clear and dangerous parallel to today; a frayed and bloody thread in the very fabric of our nation, one that runs all the way to today.

Written by Rob Travalino


Producers: Rob Travalino and Chris Bongirne